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Flash WebSite Designing & Development

Flash is posh, catchy, and trendy. It adds prestige to your website. Though lost some of its sheen in the past few years because of unimaginative overuse of designing and positioning, flash still rules.
Flash became popular with web developers as a means of producing animated 'splash screens' or presentations, to make a web site seem today’s technology, and is more fun.
Lately, Flash technology has become more powerful. Developers have now begun to truly appreciate its potential to create more sophisticated web-based applications. Flash is now used to create small tutorials complete with interactive animations and self-testing exercises. It is a great e-learning tool.
Flash movies are still used a lot as ad banners because they have much higher click-thru rates than static gifs, their usage as web site. Online visual presentations, show biz and small entrepreneurs can make full use of flash web.
PHX Sulution does not create mindless flash. It create such size of files and use in headers so that download times is reduced and search engines have little trouble crawling on them. Each such flash is the creation of a lot of thoughts and use of latest technology which our technicians are accustomed to.

Advantages of flash website:

  • Flash is catchy. Flash intros can indeed provide cheap thrills to your visitors. If visitors have lots of time on their hands (highly likely), they might be appreciative of your Flash intro.
  • If you are in the entertainment/gaming fields, these web sites are supposed to have the latest tech-flash and browsers are prepared to wait for loading.
  • Flash can portray your company objectives better than a static page. Flash intros can really serve as elegant introductions to your company products and services.
  • You can build nice interactive menus in the Flash intro. If created well, these menu systems can serve as good navigation guides for human visitors. Do remember to also include static HTML links from the homepage for the search engines bots.

Use of Flash:

  • Advertising Banners
  • Online Presentations
  • Offline Presentations
  • Games
  • Internet Animations
  • Multimedia Online Movies
  • Screen Savers
Please click on Flash Development Portfolio for an idea on the Projects developed by our expert Flash Developers or you may please get a free quote from PHX Solution for your Project.



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